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    Museums in Oakland


    Have you ever thought about visiting Oakland? If you haven’t, you should do this. Even though Oakland is not among the largest cities in California, it surely is among the most beautiful ones and it makes a great tourist destination. What we most like about Oakland is the fact that it is a very diverse, complex type of tourist destination, being able to offer something interesting to any type of tourist. For example, if you are the type of person who enjoys visiting the museums in the cities where you spend your holidays, there are plenty of interesting ones in Oakland. Here are some of the museums that you are not allowed to miss while visiting this city:

    • The Oakland Museum in California- This is one of the biggest museums in the city, focusing on three sections: natural science, art and history.
    • USS Potomac- You can describe it as a floating White House. This is the presidential yacht and it became national historic landmark. Being at its board is truly a unique experience and you should check it out.
    • Oakland Aviation Museum- It is placed exactly on the spot where Amelia Earhart took off.

    As you can see, Oakland has a lot to offer and it will surely make you feel comfortable. You might like it so much that you might consider moving there. Once moved to Oakland, you will quickly realize that the city protects you and offers you the possibility to easily solve everyday life problems thanks to the specialists found there. For example, those who are dealing with IRs or state debt are highly recommended to contact the professionals at Oakland Instant Tax Attorney. This tax law firm has professionals who have over 10 years of experience in the field and they have lots of skills in the field, so this is how they can easily obtain important financial deductions for their clients.

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